Karlie May- guitarplayer

 Karlie May

Karlie May (Jg. 1964) fängt mit 7 Jahren an Flöte zu spielen, mit 9 Jahren erstmals klassischer Flamenco-Gitarrenunterricht bis 13. Erste Konzerte mit 12 Jahren. Autodidaktisch weitergebildet. Mit 17 tätig in lokalen Rhythm & Blues- und Rock'n Roll-Bands (Sun-Combo). Mit 21 in Jazzbands. Konzerte mit regionalen Musikern. Beginnt zu Unterrichten mit 23 Jahren. Längerer Aufenthalt in Asien (Auftritte u.a. in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapur und Penang). Intensives Selbststudium in Komposition und Improvisation und Arrangement. Unterwegs als Straßenmusiker im Wohnmobil, spielte mit u.a. Zigeunergruppen, in Blues- und Rockbands. Seit 1993 wieder in der Schweiz. Besuchte verschiedene Workshops (K.T. Geier, etc.). Auftritte als Freelancer in verschiedenen Bands und Anlässen u.a. mit Jimmy Woode, Alberto Canonica, Christoph Grab, Toni Todesco, Léon Duncan, Undecided Swing Group, String Jazz Quartett, Anny's B-Zug, etc. etc.

Initiator verschiedener Jam-Sessions (Charlie's Playhouse im Jazz-Club MOODS). Eigene Arbeiten, vorwiegend in Trios und Quartett wie "Strange Fruits", "Accoustic Trio-Jazz", "The Hammond-Projekt", "K.May-Trio". War Mitglied von "Elmar Kluth's Organic Quartett" (CD-The party is over). Spielte in verschiedenen Anlässen und Festivals wie: MOODS Zürich, SKA-Kulturforum, Cotton Club Zug, Int. Jazzfestival Korinth in Griechenland, etc. Initiator der Reihe "Vinyl Gala-Night's" im Zürcher Jazzclub MOODS. Zudem Theaterauftritte mit dem Jazz & Lyrik-Programm von Anny Weiler.

Interessiert sich vorwiegend für die kammermusikalischen Seiten des Jazz, orientiert sich an Pianisten wie Bill Evans und Keith Jarrett und verwirklicht eigene und deren Konzepte auf der Gitarre.

Arbeitet als Musiker und freier Programmierer. Häufig Auftritte für Privatanlässe in ganz Europa.

Musikalische Einflüsse: Jazz, Flamenco, Musette, klassische Gitarrenmusik, Zigeunermusik, Arabisch/Persische Volksmusik, Blues, Rock

Karlie May had classical flamenco guitar lessons from the age of 9 to 13 after playing flute since 7. First concerts with 12 years. Self taught further on until today. With 17 activities in local Rhythm & Blues and Rock 'n Roll Bands (Sun Combo). Started to play Jazz with 20. Had concerts with regional musicians. Begins to teach in the age of 23.
About 2 years travel trough Asia (had concerts in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Penang and other places for financing the travel) and the music helped out of the personal crisis. Intensive self-study in composition, improvisation and arrangement while living for several months on isolated Asian islands.
On the road living in a caravan as busker in Europe, played mainly jazz but also with with gypsy-groups, in blues and rock bands and other formations.
Back in Switzerland he visited different jazz workshops (K.T. Geier, etc.) did jobs as freelancer in different formations, concerts with Jimmy Woode, Alberto Canonica, Christoph Grab, Toni Todesco, Léon Duncan, Ralf Ruh, Jürg Grau and many others.
Karlie May was the initiator of weekly jam sessions (Charlie's Playhouse in the jazz club MOODS) for 4 years in Zurich.
Own work, predominantly in trios and quartets like "Strange Fruits", "Accoustic Trio", "The Hammond Project", "K.May Trio". Was member of "Elmar Kluth's Organic Quartet" (CD The party is over). Played different festivals as: MOODS Zurich, SKA cultural forum, Cotton Club Festival, Int. Jazz Festival Korinth in Greece, etc. Besides theatre appearances with the jazz & lyric poetry-program of Anny Weiler.
Karlie May is currently working on a sophisticated solo guitar repertoire on a classical flamenco guitar.

Musical influences: jazz, flamenco, musette, classical guitar music, gybsy music, arabic/persian ethnic music, blues, rock

 christoph grab - saxophonplayer

 Christoph Grab

Christoph Grab studierte nach 7 Jahren klassischem Saxophonunterricht an der SwissJazzSchoolBern Saxophon, Komposition und Arrangement. Danach folgten Seminarien und Studien im In- und Ausland, u.a. bei Andy Scherrer, Jerry Bergonzi und Joe Lovano. Christoph Grab konzertiert mit vielen namhaften Jazzgrössen wie Ray Anderson, Harald Härter, Axel Fischbacher, Wolfgang Muthspiel usw. im In- und Ausland. Eine beträchtliche Anzahl CDs mit verschiedenen Formationen sind schon auf dem Markt: BLASTIC, NADELÖHR, GRAB/SCARTON, KURT WEIL & VIBES REVISITED um nur einige zu nennen. Sein Saxophonstil zeichnet sich durch einen enormen Farbenreichtum und eine Vielfalt im dynamischen Ausdruck aus, dadurch ist er zur Zeit einer der gefragtesten Saxophonisten in der Schweiz.
"Ein besonderes Erlebnis ist einmal mehr der Saxophonist Christoph Grab: Er zaubert aus seinem Tenorsaxophon Läufe von wunderbarer Wärme und Leichtigkeit." NZZ 97
"Als Schüler von grossen Tenoristen wie Andy Scherrer, Jerry Bergonzi und Joe Lovano hat Christoph Grab einen Ton entwickelt und kultiviert, der wirklich aus der Tiefe der Seele zu kommen scheint." TAGESANZEIGER 97

 leon duncan - bassplayer

 Léon Duncan

Leon Duncan was born February 20th 1972 in Kingston Jamaica.
As a child his father left him in his aunt‚s care quite frequently and by the time He was eleven years old his aunt became his permanent guardian. His aunt being a devout Christian would take Leon to church virtually every Sunday and in time he was accompanying the choir on the guitar.
Being the only musician in church at the time Leon tried to emulate other instruments on the guitar and would jump at the opportunity to jam with other musicians and sit in on the Bass in particular.
His affinity for the Bass grew and at 14 he knew he‚d found a media through which he could express himself. Soon after, Leon started copying bass parts from records of all genre. His  roots at the time was totally embedded in gospel music but Leon‚s appetite was insatiable, he  started meeting and rehearsing with other musicians after school each day .When he was about 15, he started gigging regularly with Stanley Beckford from Stanley and the Turbines as well as other local reggae acts.
At the age of 16 he migrated to the north coast of the Island to the hotel circuit garnering as much playing experience as possible doing six to seven nights a week stints in hotels where he met a whole host of musicians. Nightly playing in hotels played an integral role in the eclectic background and approach towards his bass playing, enabling him to blend into any musical situation and precociously became a much talked about player.
At eighteen he met world-renowned and one of Jamaica's greatest music exponent Ernest Ranglin.
this was to be turning point in Leon's career. He was in the Bass chair of an incredible musician that has seen it all. Leon was getting a first hand introduction to the jazz idiom in
in the trio with Carl Mc Leod on Drums. His tenure with Ernest Ranglin lasted three years playing six to seven nights a week, then going home each night after the gig and practice until he can't see straight. That was his routine for the next few years. During those years, the trio was a first choice rhythm section for visiting artistes such as Courtney Pine, Pharoah Saunders, Othello Molineaux to name a few.
In 1994 Leon went on a European tour then decided to settle in Zurich Switzerland where's he's been based since. Leon has remained a fulcrum of strength and a source of inspiration in any formation he happens to be a part of. Being the multi-faceted player he is has earned him the bass chair with a wide array of artists such as Pianist Peggy Stern, steel drummer Virtuoso Len „Boogsie Sharpe, Swiss Musical Orchestra, Nubya , Rodrigo Botter Maio, Sandra Studer, Othello Dallas , Vital Roots. (see www.vitalroots.com ) A reggae band he's been busy working out with.
In 1994 on one of his visits to Jamaica, he took time out to go into the studio with guitarist Maurice Gordon to record his “Irie Moods CD.
In 2002 Patrice called Leon two days before a scheduled performance at the Nyon festival in Switzerland , He needed a bass player. Leon has since then toured extensively with him all
Over Europe, USA and Africa.
Leon later had a short tour that same year in France and Germany with another Jamaican giant
Monty Alexander.
He had met Monty Alexander a few years earlier while in Ernie Ranglin's trio. Monty would occasionally visit Jamaica and come to sit in with the trio playing his Melodica.
In 2002 Leon recorded with Monty on his Disk entitled “My America” with some of the most prolific names in the business such as John Pizzarelli, Freddy Cole, Kevin Mahogany Bobby Thomas Jr. and Desi Jones. He also toured Japan that same year with Monty Alexander.
Leon remains active live and in the studio doubling on the upright ( Which he picked up along the way) and electric as a side man , but plans on going into the studio in the near future as a
Leader and try to blend all those influences he's acquired over the years into one big melting pot and see what he can come up with. His philosophy has always been and remains “music is “music. same twelve notes for all just have fun. Nightly playing in hotels played an integral role in the eclectic background and approach towards his bass playing, enabling him to blend into any musical situation and as a result has opened doors to numerous touring opportunities across Scandinavia and the rest of Europe, induding Switzerland, where he met friends, mentors and incredible musidans Marc Halbheer and Markus Portenier. He was playing in different bands as "Karlie MayTrio" and "Portenier Group".

 peter preibisch - drummer

 Peter Preibisch AUSBILDUNG

08/87-12/90 Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA. Bachelor Degree in Professional Music.
01/91 -07/92 Freelancing-Aktivitäten mit verschiedenen Formationen. Tournee mit eigenem Trio ,,What City?"
08/92-05/94 Manhattan School of Music, New York City, USA. Master Degree in Jazz Performance.

1988 -1994 Bob Moses~ Billy Brooks, Jon Hazilla, Joe Hunt, John Riley u.a.


Zahlreiche Studio- und Liveprojekte in USA und Europa; u.a. mit Tony Hart, Torsten De Winkel, George Garzone, Matt Garrison, Kurt Rosenwinkle, Melissa Slocum in diversen Stilrichtungen (Jazz, Big Band, Jazz Opera, Rhythm & Blues, Pop, Latin, etc.) Tourneen in Italien, Frankreich und der Schweiz mit dem Jazz Quartett Circle (1990) und in der Schweiz mit ,,What City?" (1991) Zur Zeit aktiv in folgenden Bands: The Hammond Projekt, Strange Fruits, Pretty Late, Karlie May-Trio, Martin Bürgi Quartett, Time Out u.a. AUSZEICHNUNGEN

* Representations-CD Berklee College of Music 1991 & 1992
* Kulturförderungspreis des Kantons Zug 1991 & 1993

seit 07/94 Academy of Contemporary Music, Zürich Schlagzeug und Theorie
seit 02/96 Musikschule Steinhausen, Zug Schlagzeug